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As a guest blogger you are free to write about anything related to mobile world, telecom sector, application reviews, general technology, etc. As a matter of fact we are open to any topic provided it adds value to our portal and at the same time delivers some useful information to the readers.

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This being said, there are some guidelines which need to be followed if you want your articles to be approved:

  1. We give all the liberty to promote your blog(s) until unless its not hindering our readers readability.
  2. Guest posters are allowed to use only one backlink to your own article/website if it is related to the topic being blogged about. This can be achieved either through a link within the article or in bio section.
  3. We respect an individual’s work and if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, due credit should be given at the end or beginning of article (Same goes for images as well).
  4. Picture speaks more then words. Inclusion of attractive images will certainly increase chances of your post getting selected !
  5. Copying someone else’s content will result in rejection of your article.
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