Mobile Application For way2sms (Unofficial)

I recently wrote a post listing all the sites which can be used to send free sms (text message) to any country. In case you didn’t read that post, you can read the article using the following link and get to know sites for sending completely free sms’s:

Top 15 Sites To Send Free SMS (Text Message)

I, being a resident of India, prefer way2sms and 160by2 more than any other site. The reason being, both of them have very good delivery time, almost equal to that of my operator Airtel. This being said, it also is difficult to open the site and login, each time you want to send an sms. Further, it is even more difficult when you do all this from your mobile phone (even though you own a smart phone or best wifi phone) while on the move.

This being said, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simple run an application on your phone and send sms straightway? Well, it would certainly benefit the regular user but unfortunately only provides a java based application which is buggy and slow. And way2sms doesn’t provide any such application for mobile phones. The good news is that a developer (Champzone) has custom made a java based mobile application specially for way2sms users. The application runs on almost all the mobile phones supporting java (in case you own a samsung device, see this post for installing applications on Samsung mobile phone). Follow the steps given below to send free sms straight from your mobile:

  1. Download the application as per your operator (Differs for each operator) (Download Links Given Below).
  2. Install the application (on your mobile phone, of course!).
  3. Login with correct details (the application will verify the cerdentials once you send the message).

And thats it! Happy sms’ing.

Download Links :

Way2sms for Airtel

Way2sms for Docomo

Way2sms for Reliance

Way2sms for Virgin

NOTE : While using this application sometimes you might get an error message and a html doc may pop up showing error but it isn’t actually an error (and message has been sent for sure). It might be a bug in the application itself.

UPDATE: The files have been uploaded to dropbox. Here are the links :

Way2sms For Reliance

Way2sms For Docomo

Way2sms For Airtel

Way2sms For Virgin

  • Gaurav

    What about idea users

  • Atif

    Will the any of the above line work on aircel.

  • Anandpandro

    How about for someting that works with spicem6700 on airtelgprs/airtelwifi?

  • pmshah

    How about for something that works with Blackberry on MTNL / BSNL using wifi?

    I have it on my Android on BSNL.Works perfectly with wifi !

  • kadari kiran

    please provide this app to vodafone also……

  • niyas to check sended sms from waytosms

  • Mahesh

    Super information yar..thanks a lot for searing…very useful and all work properly …

  • Pranav S

    These apps are not working now. may be because way2sms has made some modifications in their servers (like address etc ..,)
    please let me know if they work.

  • Nitin

    I need a way2sms application for my Nokia N72. It is not available for BSNL users. Can i use any of the above for BSNL operator?. Thanking you.

  • Beastboy

    Where is the application for the second best network provider of india i.e VODAFONE Can you upload it or can send it to my mail id please my id is ( thanks in advance

  • puneet

    Hello! Paritosh the link to download app on dropbox for airtel is not working . . .

  • Shailu

    Try the 1 for reliance, it works for voda

  • Shailu

    You’re right, but Is there any solution for this ??

  • Maybe. Way2sms did change it;s website’s functionality. That might have affected the functionality of this app.

  • Shailu

    Yeah .Even my friend’s is not working. Maybe some technical glitch

  • Did you try all the links shared above? They were working some time back :s

  • Shailu

    Its not working now

  • Yes! It should.

  • Shubham

    will this work with VODAFONE ?

  • arvind

    always so alert msg
    not working
    using nokia N97 and bsnl operator

  • Siddardha

    Is there an way2sms app for uninor users.

  • Install the theme files (if your mobile supports) using OTA.

  • nirwan

    Thanx, can you tell me how to install theme in samsung star.

  • Never heard of such an app! Can be a little more specific?

  • amit

    thanx a lot dear ,,,its working tooo gud.. could u help me more to find out voice changer application for nokia e63 .

  • No no, it is still working!

  • omkar

    hey it stopped working?

  • Open way2sms from desktop browser and click on forget password. Then key in your mobile number, if it has been registered before then you’ll receive the password on your number.

  • srihari

    hello….is it possible to know that my number is registered with way2sms or any other sms sending sites…plz help me….

  • satish

    oh…”s really work thanks friends

  • narendar

    it works well,for all operators,thaks frnd.

  • Prakash

    works well….Eventhough i used airtel jar appln for aircel operator
    [Caution: requires active GPRS/packet connection]

  • it works like a charm 🙂

  • @ pinal: thanks dude awesome 🙂

  • Find Way2SMS apps for desktop/android and java enabled phones at this link

  • raj

    but it was working earlier 🙁

  • These apps work with Indian service providers only. Sorry 🙁

  • shubham

    thanku u for this…:)

  • Raj

    Dear Paritosh,

    Could you please help me with way2sms app for Sony Vivaz Pro ( Orange Carrier ) Switzerland.

  • Good the know it still works for you 🙂

  • Sanjay

    Great application works fine on Nokia E63 that’s for airtel,Thank you bud.

  • Raj

    Please can you send me the link for Sony Vivaz U8, I am in swiss using orange card. I t was working good till the last update of the official site of way2sms.

    Please do the needful.



  • Zan

    Yes guys the Reliance app is working with Vodafone. Just tried it with my Samsung M3510 message is successfully delivered

  • Raj

    Hi Paritosh,

    Since the desktop software is changed, my mobile application for way2sms is not working. Could you please send me the link to obove mentioned e-mail ID.

    I am using Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Thanks for the help.



  • shameem

    how can i use this with out a net work.
    i have a wifi connection in my home
    and I m using nokia e63 mobile phone

  • Arun

    well i don have any thing of java .. so if anyone got any solution for way2sms application us let me know..

  • Sks

    Hii Dude..
    this way2sms app is nt working since their website is updated…..
    Plz edit it if you noe java …….
    Nd do let me noe of ne development….

  • Arun

    i tried it. it was wrking gud i. but now it only say alert. but the message is not delivered. wat do i do

  • Mak

    Hi Paritosh i was using Way2sms for Reliance for my MTNL Delhi no. on Nokia E52
    & for first 2 – 3 days i was able to send sms but now from 8 feb 2011 from the day the way2sms site changed the layout i m not able to send sms it always shows alert
    do i need to update the software too or is there any other prob can u help me please reply me as soon as possible.
    thank u in advance

  • Ananth


    I want to develop a program in java.
    which uses way2sms host,username and password.
    and i can send sms to any number of mobiles.

    because it is needed for my application..
    i want this for windows xp operating system compitable.

    pls tell me how to connect and send sms for free. …in detail
    if possible pls send example programs.

    Thanks in advance

  • Shailu

    Thanx man. The link on ur dropbox completely works !! The reliance ota works perfectly widout any errors on my vodafone blackberry curve 8520. Thanx agn :p

  • sinha

    I want it for nokia 5230 with vodafone..!!

  • The link is give in the article itself. Download the app for operator of your choice.

  • Suresh

    i want nokia 6233 way2sms application…pls provide link

  • ayaz

    hi sir i want some links for mobile like cricket channles nd entertaimrnt channles.

  • Try Airtel’s way2sms app. Infact give the other a try as well! One of them might work for Aircel.

  • Try to Import all contacts using Nokia Pc suite and then use that .csv file to export contacts to Way2sms.

  • Rajat

    Hey.. is ther any way to get the phone contacts in Excel format & then uploaded to way2sms for bulk sending ??

  • bala vignesh

    how can i use it for nokia2690 aircel operator?

  • kk




  • Bilal

    Will application work on vodafone, Idea, BSNL

  • The link has been given above.



  • Yeah it does give a html error at times but sms is sent. Confirm the same by sending an sms to your own number 🙂

  • rajni

    this one doesn’t work on my nokia 6500-s and it gives some html error…what should i do ?? any other application ??

  • There’s none that I know of. But if I find any, I’ll surely publish an article about it here 🙂

  • Feroze Mohamed

    Isn’t there any Unofficial Version application of java for 160by2 ?
    The official version of 160by2 is toooo Slow. it really sucks. Please Let me know thank you…

  • Interesting website. However I wonder how do websites like these providing free sms fund itself? Something fishy?

  • Priyanka is very Simple and easy to use. I liked it very much and it does not have irritating ads all over the page!

  • vig

    Can you mod an app for for docomo

  • These are java apps, if you can install java apps on your device then these will work!

  • Gulshan Rajoria

    will it work for blackberry too..

  • 160by2 already has a dedicated mobile application!

  • i wants to develope same application like or, is it available ready made ????

  • I’ll try to look for one. In the mean time try the above one’s. One of them might as well work for you!

  • vipin

    Please reply i am waiting

  • vipin

    please please please mod it for vodafone

  • I haven’t tried it myself but you can go ahead and give give the applications a try. One of them might work! And let me know if they do..

  • Muffazal

    Hi Paritosh,

    Can i use this application outside India?How can I download this application in Kuwait.

    Please guide.



  • There is none for vodafone as of now. However you can try out the application of other networks. And yeah it uses the Internet connection on your device.

  • Jyothi

    hi ,
    Am glad if this Application can be used for Vodafone. i tried with Airtel Application but its not working for Vodafone. can you pls help me out. And will it charge?

  • rohan

    i wanted a app for aircel operator also

  • All of them are working on Nokia phone’s running Symbian 5th Ed. (refer screenshots) and have been tried by me.

  • rohan

    please please make one app for AIRCEL operator.i downloaded all the four but it did not work in my symbian 5th edition.

  • Good to know. I hope it’s working perfectly fine for you.

  • Guna

    Hi i’m really happy to use this tool….

  • It will ask for username and password once you press the “Send” button. And it runs without any glitch on symbian running mobile phone, i have tried it myself.

  • vikrant

    are yaar ye symbian pe nahi chatta kya…
    download hua sab kuch hua bt id and password nahi poochta direct send sms keheta hain sooo what to do friend…sms send he nahi hota…. plz let me know guys…

  • I am not a developer (See About Us). Contact the developer of this app (name mentioned in the article above) for assistance.

  • chetan

    hi reliance app is working 4r vodafone. If u can develop same app 4r plz develop bcoz der is no ads. M a software enginer but does’t knw java but .net complete.. If u can give me source code den may b i can make it 4r

  • I am not a developer. I agree with you, the application should store username and password for convenience.

  • chaitanya

    i have tried airtel application with aircel it worked fine, its a great app, it would be perfect if you add a feature to remember username (mobile num) and pass word.

    Can you add that feature ( im thinking that you are the developer)

  • charan

    airtel is working with my aircel network i tested its good tanx dude

  • Pranav


    its realy wrkin
    d reliance 1 wrkin on airtel nd idea both!
    copy d reliance 1 for idea also nd post it so dat d othrz also may benifit!
    thnx a lot dude!

  • It has been tried and tested by me. Please check internet settings on your device.

  • pranav

    dude the airtel 1 s not workin wid airtel also

  • Pranav

    not workin for idea,
    will check for airtel in dis weekend

  • Airtel apps not working for airtel or idea? And thanks for the share but am not a app developer. Hope someone, who actually is, reads it and implements it!

  • Pranav

    No dude the airtel app s not workin
    nd i also wanna say dat if u can use other java applications
    i found one workin perfectly in ma pc at
    i l be very happy if i get dat app in .jar(for mobile)
    and im sure many ll benefit from dis dude.:-)

  • Woah… Dude no sir.. Be casual… And am sorry but there isn’t any for idea. Though, you can try to use the airtel app. And let me know if that works..

  • Pranav

    Wat abt idea network sir???
    will airtel 1 do???
    and thnx 4 d aitrel 1!!!!;-)

  • Pranav

    wat abt idea network???
    plzz help
    thnx 4 d airtel 1!!!;-)

  • Well there are these two problems in this app. Just make sure that the number is correct and the message will certainly be delivered.


    thank you again for application once again. bt there is some inconvinece in using the app. when we send sms to another no it still gives msg sending msg to old num. n how to knw that msg is delivered

  • I have uploaded the applications on dropbox 🙂


    airtel, relience n docomo

  • For which service provider do you want mediafire link?


    thanq very much. i ws searching for way2sms app frm lots of days. bt instead of ziddu plz use mediafire